Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome back!

Notice anything different? We are very excited to provide parents, caregivers, teachers and museum professionals with an even easier forum for highlighting topics, special events and play at DuPage Children's Museum using

Over the next few weeks we hope this new enhanced version of the DCM blog will provide even more resources and information to our returning and new visitors.

Here are some exciting things to look forward to:

Neighborhood Navigations
The Museum is divided into neighborhoods — each one unique and special in its own way. Every neighborhood is packed with exciting ways to explore art, math, science and ways to explore how they work together in the world. Every other week we will feature one Neighborhood at DCM and give you a sneak peek into the play that goes on inside.

Build It
Creativity Connections
Make it Move
Young Explorers

Family Resource Center Focus Topics
The Family Resource Center rotates its focus on one of four different topics throughout the year. Beginning in January, 2008 the focus will be: Making Connections to Math. Look in the FRC and on this site for different resources and information regarding this topic available to parents, caregivers, teachers and museum professionals.