Friday, August 30, 2013

What's New? Dots in Creativity Connections!

We have added an interactive art experience to our Creativity Connections Neighborhood! In regard to this exhibit, Marcia MacRae, DCM’s very own Public Program Manager and Content Integration Specialist, tells our visitors—

We want to show artwork by children—how our exhibits inspire them, help them make connections. The Dot Wall is an example. Children can look at examples of how different artists created artwork with dots. Some base their work by putting different colors together, such as in Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Our eyes and brains blend colors together, giving the painting more depth and richer colors. Other artists, like Roy Lichtenstein, used dots to fill flat planes of space, adding pop to their paintings.

Children are encouraged to actively engage with Seurat’s work of art by looking at the detail through a large, mounted yet movable magnifying glass. In that detail they will find several dots of different colors —what art professionals call pointillism

Children can also be encouraged to observe additional works of art in this area and many locations throughout the Museum. You might ask, “What is happening in this piece? Let’s take a closer look!” In addition, snap-on buttons at the Dot Wall allow children to create their own work—right on the wall!  Finally, you don’t want to miss the original artwork of our guests that is part of this exhibit.

Look for more frames of children’s art that will appear throughout our exhibits. Someday your work may hang at DCM!

Friday, August 23, 2013

DCM's Tale of S.S. Innovation

On Saturday, August 17, DuPage Children’s Museum set out on a voyage upon the S.S. Innovation, a cardboard boat built entirely by Museum staff and volunteers as part of the Fox Valley United Way 11th Annual What Floats Your Boat event.  The primary purpose of Fox Valley United Way’s The Cardboard Boat Race is to have fun while raising awareness of fundraising efforts and community partnerships. Family fun, community support and creativity are the key words for this event. Boats made entirely of cardboard raced a course around Mastodon Lake, Phillips Park, Aurora, IL. 
Enjoy this tale of DCM’s fateful trip to the tune of the theme song from Gilligan’s Island written by DCM's very own, Integrated Brand Marketing Director, T.J. Hicks!
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, 
A tale of a fateful trip 
That started from this Museum port 
Aboard this tiny ship. 

The mate was a mighty marketing manager, 
The skipper determined school programs were sure. 
The two of them set sail that day 
For a three minute tour, a three minute tour. 

The cardboard started leaking quick, 
The tiny ship was tossed, 
If not for the courage of the fearless crew 
The Innovation would be lost, the Innovation would be lost. 

The first mate and the Skipper too, 
Did their very best, 
To keep that cardboard boat afloat, 
At the United Way boat fest, at the United Way boat fest.

No prop, no cabin, no fiberglass hull, 
Not a single luxury, 
Like Tom Hanks and volleyball, 
As primitive as can be. 

So click this Facebook link my friends, 
You're sure to get a smile, 
From the proud pilots and their boat-building crew, 
Here on DCM's "Innovation Isle."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer in Review: Preschool Summer Camp!

Part Two.
This summer Preschool Summer Camp turned its focus to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) with an emphasis on the arts and literacy.  The fun of summer camp was accompanied by a joyful learning experience! Here we celebrate a bit of summer with a look back at Preschool Summer Camp 2013!

Hands-On Science

Sound, texture, light, and more! Children used the scientific method to discover how the senses help them to explore the world around them.

Exploring water flow

Engineering Explorer
Problem-solving and creativity came into play through the engineering design process for young learners: Ask--> Imagine--> Plan--> Create--> Improve

Bridge construction during Museum exploration

Math, Science, ART!
Concepts in Math, Science, and Art all came together in a camp that engaged our youngest campers!

 Painting with ice pairs

PreK Chemistry
What happens when gummy bears are soaked in distilled water? How does wax coating inhibit color mixing? What is surface tension? These are just some of the questions asked by our young chemists!
                 Collecting data during a gummy bear diffusion experiment

Although summer camps are complete, there are still many opportunities for learning adventure at DCM! Sign up for our Fall and Winter Creativity Classes today!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer in Review: Preschool Summer Camp!

Part One.

The end of summer is upon us.  Soon we will get into fall routines and summer will be a memory.  Before we move into fall schedules, let’s celebrate a bit of summer with a look back at Preschool  Summer Camp 2013!

Earth Science Explorer
Mud, sand, soil, and life cycles! Exploring land forms, bugs, and butterflies captivated our curiosity all week long.

Math Magic
Gaining a familiarity of pairs and matches, weighing objects and exploring geometric shapes were just some aspects of engaging children in the magic of math.  One parent shared, “Thank you for making math fun for all of us!”

Light, Color, Shadow Technology
As we recognize the increasing use of technology in our world, Light, Color, Shadow Technology Camp gave children an opportunity to see the variety of ways that technology can come into play. Children were able to document and explore using cameras, light projection, sound, and more.

Although summer camps are complete, there are still many opportunities for learning adventure at DCM! Sign up for our Fall and Winter Creativity Classes today!

Stay tuned for Summer in Review: Preschool Summer Camp! Part Two. Next week we capture moments from Hands-On Science; Engineering Explorer; Math, Science, ART!; and Pre-K Chemistry Camps!  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bubbles! Bubbles! @ DuPage Children's Museum

Bubbles are a fascinating summer favorite! At DuPage Children's Museum they are a year-round favorite! Many questions can invade play as we think about what might cause common household items to come together to make an amazing solution that wraps around and captures air! In our WaterWays exhibit you will find several ways to explore bubbles. Often, our visitors tell it best.  Check out the video below highlighting one family’s exploration in bubbles at DCM. 

Captivating Interest & FUN!
Believe it or not, the enjoyment level of an activity can have a profound impact on learning.  Think about the things you have to learn and the things you want to learn. That forced feeling does not lend to learning—rather, it makes concepts more challenging to grasp. The captivating nature and wonder of bubbles can make for a ripe opportunity to engage and explore scientific interests. Bubbles are chemistry! As you mix and measure, you are learning about the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed.

The secret is out! Try creating bubble fun of your own with DCM’s Fantastic Bubble Recipe:
            1 gallon of warm water
            11/4 cup of Dawn dish detergent
            2 tablespoons of glycerin
            (available at most drug stores)
 Directions:  1.  Pour warm water into a bucket.  2.  Add dish detergent to the water.  3.  Add glycerin to the water.    4.  Gently stir the mixture.  5. Let stand for 24 hours before using.  Bubble solution will last several days if stored in an air-tight container.