Thursday, April 30, 2009

Staying Healthy...Keeping Clean

In light of the recent reporting of Swine (Influenza) Flu outbreaks, families have been asking what are the Museum's cleaning and sanitation policies. Fortunately, for our staff and our visitors, this question was addressed back in 2001, when we moved into our 46,800 square foot building. Museum staff worked with the universal precaution recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local health department to instill a practice of consistent sanitation procedures to ensure the most important line of defense in preventing the spread of illness.

There are daily cleaning procedures, such as spraying and wiping all manipulative pieces for each exhibit area of the Museum.
In addition, there is a behind-the-scenes designated cleaning room where objects that need longer soaking or a run through a dishwasher are cleaned.

Hand to Hand Journal for the Association of Children's Museum (ACM) devoted their entire Spring 2008 issue regarding Children's Museums: Clean and Safe Places to Play. An article by our Early Childhood Specialist, Jayne Carpenter, addresses all of our cleaning polices and procedures at DuPage Children's Museum. You can read a copy of that article here.

What You Can Do
The best way to minimize your risk during this recent flu outbreak is frequent hand washing. Sing a short jingle such as the ABC or Happy Birthday song with your child. The length of the song is about the length of time needed for proper hand washing. Remind your child (and yourself) to give your sneeze or cough "a hug." This is accomplished by placing your mouth on your sleeve, as the sneeze or cough is happening.

With today's fast breaking news stories and worst case scenarios your child may express some anxiety or have questions about the recent flu outbreak. We recommend you visit about what to say to your child.

Continuing to monitor, educate and update ourselves on cleaning and sanitation procedures is of utmost importance for us! We welcome your comments and questions.

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