Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did You Guess Right?

Did you guess where this is in the Museum? It's the fan in the Wind Tunnel in the AirWorks Neighborhood. Have you ever explored properties of air in the Wind Tunnel?

The Wind Tunnel allows children the opportunity to experience the force of moving air. The large fan allows children time to "research" where air comes from and how wind forces objects to move. In the Wind Tunnel you might see a child:

  • Standing inside to feel the moving air blow against him

  • Flying a parachute

  • Holding streamers in the wind and observing which way they blow

    • As your child's play partner, take time to enjoy your young scientist's discoveries. As she shows delight with the way the ribbons are blowing, offer a comment such as, The wind is blowing all of the ribbons towards the middle. Add to her discovery by suggesting a challenge. You might say, What happens when the balls are down on the ground? Which way are the ribbons blowing now?

      Your child's discoveries about air are derived from self-directed interactions with the objects in the Wind Tunnel and the connections she makes with you, as her play partner!

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