Friday, February 26, 2010

Focus on the Arts

Did you know?
The arts can make you smart! Recent research demonstrates a correlation between the arts and higher academic performance. In the report, “Learning, Arts and the Brain,” seven universities presented several studies discussing how visual arts, music, and dance training and skill impact learning (The DanaFoundation, 2008).

The focus for the Family Resource Center (FRC) for March, April and May is Making Connections to the Arts. To find ways to nurture your child's connections to the arts, visit DCM and the Family Resource Center on the 2nd Floor. Inside the FRC and throughout the Museum, we offer many parent books and resources related to Developmental Concepts, Play at the Museum, and Play at Home.

Explore Art in our Exhibits
Look around and you will see art in every exhibit area of the Museum. Integrating art with math and science is an important part of the Museum's mission. Our Interdisciplinary Arts Specialist chooses works that explore exhibit ideas in each Neighborhood. Look for originals such as Rufus Seder's Jumping Frog, as well as reproductions of famous artwork by Klee, Picasso and others. And don't miss wonderful pieces like Ocean in Motion, created by children working with an artist-in-residence. Let the arts make you smart at DCM!

Explore Art in our Studio
Studio drop-in activities in the Art Studio are FREE to DCM members or FREE with regular admission. No pre-registration is required. Activities are on-going during each drop-in session and will explore alternating math-, science- and art-related discovery projects that support a different learning theme each month. Some sessions provide the opportunity to take something home with you. All sessions encourage you and your child to explore and experiment with a variety of materials. View our calendar for more information.

Attend a Tiny Great Performance
Attending a Tiny Great Performancehelps build upon many areas of your child's physical, cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development. For more information about Tiny Great Performances, click here.

Explore Art on our Blog

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Studies show that art experiences are critical in developing fundamental cognitive skills and capacities. Read more here

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