Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Connections to Math

Almost everything we do is connected to mathematical thinking! Imagine setting a table or preparing a meal without some understanding of math concepts. How would you know how many plates or glasses are needed? The foundational understanding of math begins very early in life through everyday experiences. Children actively construct informal mathematical concepts and strategies through the opportunities they encounter with a variety of objects and their important grown-ups and play partners.

Do you want to know more? Stop by the Family Resource Center to view the parent support materials for our current focus, Making Connections to Math. Discover what your child is learning about math through investigation and experimentation and by taking time to think deeply about these experiences. Learn about how you support your child's math learning by using math vocabulary in the exhibits.

The materials for the focus, Making Connections to Math, will be available online and in our Family Resource Center through the end of August.

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