Friday, February 4, 2011

Encouraging Creativity like Marc Chagall's

Do you have a budding artist in your house?  Perhaps our new exhibit, Chagall for Children, has inspired someone in your family to express themselves artistically.  When children are given art materials to explore their own creativity, they have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through a variety of mediums.  Using art materials also helps very young children develop their fine motor control.

Homage to the Past 1944, Chagall
The Explorer Store, DCM's unique toy store, supports the Museum's mission to stimulate curiosity, creativity and problem-solving by making materials related to exhibits available to take home. For example, in conjunction with our new exhibit, Chagall for Children, The Explorer Store is selling art materials to support your child's creative explorations.  Like Chagall, your child can choose a variety of art materials to work with.  Chagall's 1944 painting Homage to the Past depicts him painting at an easel.  Easels are a great way to inspire the young artist in your life.

America Windows 1976, Chagall Art Institute in Chicago
The Explorer Store also offers easel paper, paint and an assortment of coloring mediums.   In addition, there are creativity kits, such as this Stained Glass Paper Frame Kit. Chagall used stained glass in his America Windows, made in honor of USA's 200th birthday in 1976.  The original hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago.
Challenge the creativity in your child through our varied selection of art supplies.  Sales from the Explorer Store support the Museum's operating budget.  For more information about the store click here.

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