Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teens Inspire Young Children through Chagall

This is a second post about the Chagall Window's Project at DCM by Marcia MacRae, our Interdisciplinary Art Specialist. Read about how the Chagall inspired art panels created by area teens inspired our young visitors in the Museum.

While the high schoolers were ready to paint for the DuPage Children's Museum's Chagall Windows Project, they were not prepared for the reactions of the Museum's young visitors.  Fascinated toddlers watched every stroke with their noses pressed to the windows of our Studio.  Several young elementary school children were in awe, disappointed that they could not join in the project, but proud to proclaim that they wanted to be artists when they grew up.  The high school artists were seen as heroes:  young enough to relate to, yet old enough to be impressive inspirations.

Initially, we had hoped to interest several high school artists in this project.  We were stunned by the response.  Why would over 50 high school students want to spend their free time doing something for a children's museum?  We discovered that the opportunities to create art for the public and to inspire young children were powerful draws for this group.  Perhaps they were inspired watching teenagers work when they were youngsters.  Whether creating the art or toddling past it, this DuPage Children's Museum venture was a winning endeavor for all ages involved!

The high school students were honored at Chagall Windows reception, hosted by NBC news reporter Lauren Jiggetts.  You can view photos of this event on our Facebook page.

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