Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Museum celebrating 10 years in Naperville

On May 19th, DuPage Children’s Museum celebrated 10 years in Naperville.  As we reflect back on 10 busy years in our current facility, we are delighted to note how many staff are celebrating 10+ years working for DCM.  Memories build up pretty quickly with 300,000 visitors a year over a whole decade, but we asked our long time staff to share in a few words some of their thoughts and favorites.

Kathy Connor, Visitor Services Cashier, 5/15/2001
The Best experience for me at DCM is seeing the faces of the children light up when they come in to play. It’s a great feeling seeing them enjoy themselves while learning new things as they explore the Museum. 

Diane Linden, Visitor Services Cashier, 5/8/2001
My most memorable experience with visitors would have to be two grandparents that used to bring their grandchildren to visit on a weekly basis. I even remember their member number!  Once their grandchildren moved to Ohio with the parents, the couple still came in on occasion to volunteer. They were the sweetest, nicest people and were like family.

George Peklo, Play Facilitator, 5/24/1999
My best experience in the last 10 years at DCM would have to be right now, because visitors are remembering me by name now and the children look for me in the different exhibits and it’s a great feeling!

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