Friday, March 16, 2012

Providing an Opportunity for Reading

In the previous blog, we discussed ways to encourage a younger audience to interact with books. Information was included about introducing infants and toddlers to books they can look at, hold and with which they can interact. Between the ages of 2 and 5, children begin to turn the pages and become interested in the subject matter of a book. This is an exciting time. Try supporting this emerging literacy by rotating the books available, reading a variety of titles and offering books that focus on an area of interest for the individual child.

Eric, Museum volunteer and extraordinary story teller
Growing an interest in reading includes encouraging reading activities and providing an opportunity for reading. This can entail story telling, singing nursery rhymes together, frequent trips to the library and accessibility to books at home. Quick and easy access to books provides opportunity for reading that may lie dormant if books are tucked behind cabinet doors or stored in closets. Furthermore, when children see you read and see books as part of everyday life, it can send a message that reading is important and can be fun and exciting!

Seize the opportunity to share reading with a child – at home, at the your local library and at the Museum where there are books in every Neighborhood. Happy reading!

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