Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Week of the Young Child: YWCA Childcare Resource & Referral Open House

The YWCA USA is one
of the oldest and largest women's
organizations in the nation,
serving over 2 million women,
girls and their families (YWCA, 2012)

In recent years, DCM has partnered with the YWCA to extend support through training and other collaborative efforts.  Through offices in Glendale Heights, the YWCA offers training and support to parents, caregivers and Early Childhood professionals.

On Saturday, April 28, DCM staff joined the YWCA for an Open House.  Children were able to interact with exhibits that are portable and replicas of what you find in the Museum.  A group of 11 and 12 year-olds spent over an hour with our Build it Big exhibit--a life-sized version of what many compare to Tinkertoys.  They built, tore down and reconstructed several structures. 

Pin Screen & measuring
A crowd of children moved in and out of the room throughout the day.  They were able to interact with our Pin Screen, Magna-tiles, Light Box and Glow Art exhibits.   

Several other organizations were present to show support for the efforts of the YWCA and the community at-large.  A police officer came through the building and gave out badges to young ones.  Children were able to climb in and out of a local fire truck as well as honk the horns and set off the siren. Finally, the StoryBus was on hand to share interactive exhibits from The Little Red Hen

For more information about DCM partners; the YWCA Childcare Resource & Referral; and StoryBus, a Children’s Museum on Wheels, click on the links provided here.

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