Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun & Learning

School is out! Although we take a break from the busy school season, children are still absorbing all that surrounds them. Our children continue to learn no matter where they are—in the classroom, outside enjoying summer activities or while they visit the Museum. 

Picnics are a fun way to get out of the house. As you involve young ones in picnic preparation, math awareness can come into play. Math language and counting can accompany your sandwich making. “How many sandwiches do we need to make? Should we cut our sandwiches in half? Fourths?” As you cut sandwiches, you can talk about shapes. “What if we cut the sandwich into squares? Or, how about triangles?”    

Opportunity for early learning through scientific exploration can come into play in the sandbox. Children can observe texture and displacement as they grab a handful of sand that spills out around their knuckles. Add water and scientific tools such as buckets, colanders and funnels, and children can observe, investigate, experiment, make predictions and draw conclusions all during free activity and play. 

Finally, we all know the consequences of summer in the Midwest. The heat can take over and, as much as we try to prevent it, sunburn happens. The Museum offers a respite from the heat and sun. Early learning is a constant here. Our exhibits cover learning opportunities in the areas of art, math and science. In addition, books and literacy learning are a part of each neighborhood. 

As you gear up for summer, remember that opportunities for early learning, even with a carefree summer attitude, are everywhere!

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