Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enhancing the Experience: Lazure-Inspired Murals in Young Explorers

Lazure-inspired Mural, Creativity Connections
You don't need to be an expert to enhance a child’s experience with art! Here are a few ideas on how you can nurture a child's development while looking at the Lazure-inspired murals in our Young Explorers Neighborhoods:
  • Use directional words related to the child's experience. Is the child looking up to see the pattern block shapes in Math Young Explorers? Perhaps, while being held, your child is looking down at a circle within the Creativity Connections Young Explorers mural. By saying these directional words and using gestures, you are nurturing language development and spatial understanding.
  • Label or describe what you see. As the child looks at the mural, talk about it using words like: (shapes) square, triangle, (colors) red, blue, green, etc.
Observe the child’s reactions. Children respond to colors and patterns in many different ways. Have you ever noticed a change in your child’s temperament, mood, activity level or attention related to his/her environment?  There can be an impact.  See if you notice those reactions by visiting and observing our Young Explorers Neighborhoods!
Lazure-inspired wall covering, Make it Move
Family Resource Center, painted by DCM staff, Cindy Moran

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