Friday, March 15, 2013

Beyond Our Walls: School Programs

Simple Machines in Action
DuPage Children's Museum  (DCM) educators, known as LAB R.A.T.S.  (for Radical Approach To the Subject), take a museum full of learning out to area schools. These Learning Labs have been developed to help students understand integrated science, math and art concepts through open-ended exploration.  Mag-lev cars, pulley swings, pneumatic-powered hovercrafts, cylinders and pyramids, cups and socks and water wheels are just some of the innovative learning tools featured! School Program Manager Chris Barry states, “These are unique hands-on learning experiences for children.  Learning through these experiences—experiential learning is really the best way to learn.”

Kids Design Engineering
The labs support classroom curriculum and address Illinois State Goals as well as National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards. These programs will continue to be aligned with up and coming Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards.  Teachers choose from topics in Patterns, Strategies and Number Sense; Magnet Exploration; Estimation Station; GeoSpace; Energy in Our World; Wheels, Levers & Pulleys; Kids Design Engineering; and Simple Machines in Action.  The Learning Labs serve over 25,000 students each year in 40 school districts. 

The fun and learning do not stop there! School Programs offer on-site Learning Lab Field Trips, traditional school field trips, Math and Science Nights and Exhibits-To-Go. 

Take a closer look at what we have to offer. Your classroom could be next! Follow this link to DCM School Progams information online.

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