Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Camp Kick-Off 2013!

Summer camp season has begun at DuPage Children's Museum!  This year our preschoolers opened up with Earth Science Explorers, which engaged the children in dirt digging, sand raking and much more! In our Cool Chemical Concoctions mini-camp for the 7-10 age group, children took common household items and combined them to make slime, fizz, goo and more!  Enjoy some of the highlights of these camps pictured below.

Earth Science Explorers

Campers read during free exploration
Making predictions--will it sink or float?
Air and art come together!

Cool Chemical Concoctions

How can you make a golf ball float?

Experimenting with mentos and diet coke
What substances can you use to make your car move?

Look for us next week when we return to the broad abilities of the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory.


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