Friday, November 8, 2013

Creativity Studio Offers Monumental Preview with Papel Picado

DuPage Children's Museum’s Creativity Studio is bustling with activity as we gear up for the opening of an exhibit of colossal proportions! Monumental, opening to the general public November 16, introduces Maya and Greek cultural monuments  to visitors big and small.

This week children (and caregivers) have dropped by the Studio to create beautiful projects that incorporate the Mexican Art of punching out or perforating paperPapel Picado. Traditionally, Papel Picado is a paper decoration usually hung and used in a celebration or event such as a wedding or holiday. This paper decoration is hand cut with various patterns of shapes, designs, and images.  

Unbeknownst to the young artists engaged in Papel Picado, this activity exercised their bodies and brains by focusing on skills such as artistic expression, creativity, the creation of visual patterns, and symmetry. The activity even encouraged the use of hand-eye coordination through the use of scissors, papers and pencils, as well as fine and gross motor skills—using both small and large muscles to prepare supplies and arrange materials. These skills can be important to a process that engages self-expression and critical thinking! 
Inspirations for Papel Picado at home:                       
San Salvador, Huixcolotla St

Join us in the Creativity Studio next week for Art Olympics where visitors can draw without lifting a pencil, practice shading techniques, and build the smallest scale model of a house. Some of our artistic Olympians may even experiment drawing with their non-dominant hand or creating an upside-down self-portrait!

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