Friday, December 20, 2013

Size, Quantity & Early Math Learning Opportunity

BIG shoes at DCM Camp!
In the minds of young children, bigger items and greater amounts are often highly valued. Although adults can understand that bigger or more is not always better, young ones often think about these concepts in a very different way. 

Josephine, a 15-month old, constantly taps her finger tips together during snack time indicating that she wants more applesauce. 

Callum, a 4-year old, is at tumbling class with his friend Shawdra. During pick up time, Callum looks across the room to see his father standing next to Shawdra’s father and exclaims firmly, “My dad is bigger than yours!”

Children often compare and make note of sizes and amounts. While in this stage of understanding, why not use the value children place on more and bigger to help facilitate early math learning experiences?

Big and Little at Home
·         While the infant is lying on their back gently open their arms saying, “So big.” As you help the infant to draw their arms close together toward their chest you might say, “And little.” Pitches in your voice are sure to catch their attention! Don’t forget to smile and make eye contact.

Toddlers & Preschoolers
·         Point to objects while at home or out and about, “Whoa! Look at the big tree. Oh, look at the little bush.” Place special emphasis on the words big and little.
·         Move about! Get BIG by freezing your jumping jacks—hands up, legs out! Crouch down and get as small as you can. Keep in mind, modeling these movements will enhance the experience.

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