Friday, January 17, 2014

Mirrors at DCM: Creativity Studio

There is something exhilarating and almost magical about a child’s first experiences with a mirror.  Mirrors are certainly prevalent within DCM, and the Creativity Studio is no exception.  They can be great fun for young ones, but these playful encounters are often far more beneficial than one might initially realize.  We often utilize mirrors in the Studio to experiment with reflection, symmetry, and self-recognition.  One of our favorite uses, however, is for self-portraiture.  

Many parents initially feel as though their small children won’t be able to get anything out of a self-portrait activity, thinking, “My child is too young for this.”  However, the benefits of young children’s interacting with mirrors includes strengthening their skills in self-recognition, expanding their vocabulary (eyes, nose mouth, etc.), and even strengthening their hand-eye coordination.  Of course, kids also have a blast making funny faces at themselves in the mirror and examining the insides of their mouths, noses, ears, and eyes!  

While this activity may be about self-recognition and representation, we never discourage against imaginative approaches.  Come on in and check out our creations or, even better, drop in during a self-portrait week and experience the fun with mirrors yourself!  

Guest Blogger Katie Fodor is a Program Developer at DuPage Children's Museum. Katie has an MA in Art History and Museum Studies from Case Western Reserve University. Katie joined DCM’s team in the summer of 2013. She brought with her experience in education and the museum field (Western Reserve Historical Society, the Akron Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art). 

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