Friday, February 14, 2014

When the Weather Gives Us Cold Temperatures…

Make frozen bubbles!
The weather this winter has indeed thrown us all into shoveling, staying warm, and survival mode!  Rest assured, I am confident that spring is on its way. However, until then, take advantage of the learning opportunities that all of this cold weather affords!

Frozen Bubbles
Using a “sturdy” bubble solution enhances the effectiveness of this activity. Nevertheless, with the amount of bubble solution we make here at the Museum, we often find that no solution is foolproof! Science is what happens when our experiments succeed and fail, right? Never underestimate the thinking and redesigning concepts that come into play when our experiments produce something other than what is planned!

Try this Sturdy Bubble Mix:
3 cups water
1 cup dish soap
½ cup corn syrup

Mix all of the ingredients together and use as you would any other bubble solution.  Take the bubble solution outside and have fun! Depending upon the temperature, the bubbles may fly up into the air as you blow them, freeze, drop, and even bounce. You might catch a bubble on your wand, then watch and wait.  Will it freeze on the wand? How do I determine if the bubble is frozen? What will happen if I touch it? How long do I wait?

The effectiveness of this experiment can depend upon the weather, including the temperature and the moisture in the air, among other things.  This process and inquiry can add to engagement in scientific reasoning.

Try making predictions about your solution, varying the amounts of each ingredient, experimenting, and drawing conclusions based upon the ingredient amounts used. This is the scientific method in action!  Want to encourage more science learning? Continue making your own hypothesis, drawing conclusions, then collecting data about each solution. Follow up by finding evidence that supports your conclusions!

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