Friday, May 16, 2014

Exhibit Focus: Math, Science, & Art

At DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM) we focus our attention on the integration of mathematics, art, and science. Concepts relating to these disciplines are a central focus to many of our exhibits.  Where might you find math, art, and science at DCM?  How does learning come into play? Let’s take a closer look. 

Window Art
Located on the second floor in our Math Connections Neighborhood, Window Art draws the visitor’s attention to shape, color, and the blending of the two.  Geometric shapes can be named and overlapped to create a new shape. Colors can be identified and overlapped to make a new color. The science skills of comparing, contrasting, and classifying might all be engaged! While all this is happening, the work of Wassily Kandinsky hangs above the interactive experience to draw the child’s eye to art that illustrates the use of vibrant colors, lines, and shapes!

Glow Art
This exhibit is located in our Creativity Connections area on the main level of the Museum. This is large version of the famous Lite-Brite™ that many children of the 70’s know and love! Translucent and colorful rods are the perfect size for small hands to grasp and place in a grid that is located under a black light.  The science behind the use of a black light fascinates many of our young visitors and their caregivers.  Many are in awe of the change that takes place when the rods capture the light and illuminate! Young visitors explore mathematical concepts by creating patterns with color. The art process is engaged when designs are created that literally light up the exhibit!

There is more! Look for the art, math, and science during your next visit!

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