Friday, June 13, 2014

Exhibit Focus: Moser Construction House

Doing real work with real tools builds lots of things! Self-confidence is one. The ability to problem-solve is another.  Think about imagination, creativity, concentration, eye-hand coordination, small and large muscle development, tactile discrimination, and more! Working in DuPage Children's Museum’s Construction House can strengthen almost every area of development, including cognition.

Right at the heart of DuPage Children's Museum, you will find the Moser Construction House.

Real tools. Real learning. Real fun!

Educational theories that focus on constructivism tell us that offering children materials they see in the real world makes learning more meaningful.  It also adds to the child’s ability to take the materials they see before them and transfer those materials, and their uses, into their everyday life experiences.   

Vice grips, saws, sanding tools, nails, hammers, and manual drills are just some of the real-world tools accessible to children in the Construction House.   

The next time you visit our Construction House try building a small structure or something on a larger scale. 

When you 
you are engaging in an engineering design process!

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