Friday, August 1, 2014

News from the Creativity Studio

Sewing and Embroidery
The timeless art and skill of sewing filled the Creativity Studio!  Children were provided with a large selection of cut-down fabric, yarn, thread, needles, and a sewing machine and were able to learn a useful and creative skill.  Many children had never sewed before, and this was a great opportunity to learn the basics. Special skilled volunteers helped out every day to teach proper technique and assist older children on the sewing machine.  For our younger visitors we created a Sewing Table of burlap, yarn, and plastic needles, where they could master the initial “up-down” sewing motion while strengthening those very important fine motor muscles.  Children were extremely creative and created blankets for their dolls, purses, scarves, mini-pillows, embroidered patches, and much more! Although many children were initially intimidated by this activity, every child left the room with a project that they were proud of!  We always LOVE to hear, “I didn’t know I could do this!” in the DCM Creativity Studio

Blogger Katie Fodor is a Program Developer at DuPage Children's Museum. Katie has an MA in Art History and Museum Studies from Case Western Reserve University. Katie joined DCM’s team in the summer of 2013.  

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