Friday, September 12, 2014

Don't Miss the DCM School Bus!

Special Exhibit! Making a stop at DCM!

Class is in session at DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM)! Take an imaginary ride on the DCM school bus for an exciting adventure in education, recess, and all things school-related!

The Museum welcomes its newest exhibit to the Interact with Art Gallery on Monday, September 15, 2014. Don’t Miss the DCM School Bus! transforms DCM’s second floor into a bustling “back to school” scene, complete with a colorful classroom, recess playground, and a bright yellow school bus. The temporary exhibit will make a stop at DCM for three weeks before the traveling exhibit, XOXO: An Exhibit about Love & Forgiveness, opens October 11, 2014.

Exhibit Features
Yellow school bus with sound effects and flashing lights
Traditional classroom
Dramatic play opportunities – become a crossing guard, bus driver, teacher, or school nurse!
Microscopes and fun science experiments
Recess playground featuring classic games and activities – hopscotch, obstacle course, teeter totter, and much more!

Dramatic Play and Learning
“The exhibit incorporates a number of opportunities for dramatic play – an important part of a child’s learning process,” said Margaret Hanly, Director of Education & Community Outreach, DuPage Children’s Museum. “When children are in charge, directing their own play, they are constantly experiencing creative thinking. Developing language, verbal skills, and cultivating social and emotional intelligence are skills that children practice through pretend play.”

The exhibit’s key feature, a bright yellow school bus, will immediately draw the attention of youngsters, who can imagine themselves as bus driver, student, or crossing guard and pretend play at a make-believe bus stop, neighborhood, or school parking lot. The bus will feature sound effects, flashing lights, and a functional stop arm, which helps to reinforce school bus safety.

A traditional American classroom, complete with wooden school desks, a chalkboard, books, and art supplies, will excite young visitors and provide an opportunity for creative thinking and dramatic play. Using costumes and props, children will be able to link various school subjects to explore professional careers.

Will you become a teacher? A doctor? A nurse? The classroom also features a science-specific area, with microscopes and fun experiments to extend classroom learning.

Incorporating Art
“To incorporate art, the exhibit will feature a number of visual elements, including artwork, illustrations, and artifacts typically seen in classrooms,” said Marcia MacRae, Public Programs Manager & Content Integration Specialist, DuPage Children’s Museum. “We want children – especially younger children who may not yet be enrolled in formal education – to visualize and get excited about the complete school experience.”

Time for Recess!
After class, recess is held on the DCM playground until it’s time to take the school bus home! The temporary exhibit will feature a recess scene, where children will participate in classic playground games and activities, such as a slide, hopscotch, teeter totter, basketball court, and an obstacle course, while engaging their gross motor skills.

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