Friday, October 17, 2014

XOXO & Exploration of Emotional Intelligence

Almost 20 years ago, Daniel Goleman popularized the term Emotional Intelligence (EI). His best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters More than IQ, informed readers of a theory that defines our understanding of the emotions we all feel. At the time, Goleman’s theory on EI was groundbreaking and expanded upon Howard Gardner’s work on Multiple Intelligences. There has been a great amount of thought and research developed over the years related to EI. 
As stated by Jeffery Berstein, Ph. D. and author of Liking the Child You Love, EI appears to be a key predictor of children’s ability to make suitable peer relationships, get along at home, develop a well-balanced outlook on life, and reach their academic potential at school. The term encompasses the following five characteristics and abilities:

1. Self-awareness - knowing your emotions, recognizing feelings as they occur, and discriminating between them.

2. Mood management - handling feelings so they're relevant to the current situation and you react appropriately.

3. Self-motivation - "gathering up" your feelings and directing yourself toward a goal, despite self-doubt, inertia, and impulsiveness.

4. Empathy - recognizing feelings in others and tuning into their verbal and nonverbal cues.

5. Managing relationships - handling interpersonal interaction, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM) is currently hosting the exhibit XOXO, a traveling exhibit from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. XOXO is an exhibit where families can come together in a place that fosters conversations and interactive experiences around love, forgiveness, and exploration of emotions. 
Visit DCM and foster conversations about emotions with the important children in your life! 

XOXO: An Exhibit about Love & Forgiveness visits DCM October 11, 2014 – February 1, 2015.

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