Friday, August 22, 2008

Five Exciting Reasons to Visit DCM This Fall

1. The Interact with Art Gallery's new installation is the Cat's Meow!

In Cat Tower, inspired by the surrealist painting Cat's Paradise by Remedios Varo, children can step into the artist's world by dressing up in original costumes and exploring the cranks and wheels inside. Experience this exhibit, as part of Phase 2 of Wheel Works of Art, and have a purr-fectly good time!

2. Wheel-Inspired Exhibits Keep Rolling In

In addition to your favorites, Wheel Works of Art also features these two new pieces:

  • Build a Tune - a DCM original instrument inviting children to compose a tune while experimenting with sound and cams
  • Quadrapult - a new kinetic sculpture by nationally-known artist, Bradley Litwin that launches balls to targets at the press of a button.

3. All New Creativity Programs and Free Themed Studio Drop-Ins

Designed to foster children's joyful learning about the world and themselves, DCM has five new Creativity Programs to offer! These include:

  • Images of the Season (Beginnings - Science, Math & Art Explorations Series)
  • Life at Sea (Beginnings - Science, Math & Art Explorations Series)
  • 3-D Fall Collage
  • Ramp & Roll
  • A Floatilla of Boats

These new programs and continuing favorites promote children's exploration of concepts related to math, science and the arts and help parents understand how to support that learning. Call (630) 637-8000 to register today!

In addition to DCM's Creativity Programs, drop in to the Studio and experience the Museum's new thematic approach to daily activities! Each month a different theme will be supported by math, science and art activities for children. Studio Drop-In Activities are free to members or with paid admission.

September- Kids on the Move (exploring rhythm and movement)
October - Images of the Season (exploring shape, collage, sculpture, color, lines and nature)
November - Set Sail (exploring pointillism, oil & liquids)

See the DCM Calendar for more information.

4. A New FRC Focus:

Creating meaningful, hands-on exploration and investigation and encouragin children's use of inquiry and process skills (questioning, providing explanations) helps children learn science best. And that's what we do here at DCM - stimulate children's curiosity, creativity, thinking and problem solving.

To find ways to nurture your child's understanding of science concepts as a play partner, visit DCM and its FRC (Family Resource Center) on the 2nd Floor. Inside the FRC and throughout the Museum, we offer many parent books and resources related to Developmental Concepts, Play at the Museum, and Play at Home.

5. DuPage Children's Museum has great events, including those Just for Grown Ups!

Save the date for the following events:

Educator Open House
Wednesday, September 17th 4-7 PM

An opportunity for educators to learn about the variety of resources and programs the Museum can offer, featuring the presentation "Math: Right From the Start" by Angela Andrews.

Thursday, September 25th 7-8:30 PM and Sunday, September 28th 1-2:30 PM

View this PBS Documentary that examines the importance of play and the impact it has on children's mental and physical well-being.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, DCM welcomes Jane Healy, Ph.D for a thought-provoking presentation about how playing with your child can keep your own brain growing along with your child's and help your entire family develop resilience in a rapidly changing technological world. Dr. Healy will also be taking questions from those submitted on the DCM blog. If you have a question, please submit it here.

Advance Sales: $15 Members/$20 Non-members

Register for any of these Just for Grown Ups events by calling (630) 637-8000 ext. 0

Finally... Don't forget! DCM reopens its doors to the public on September 15th!

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