Thursday, September 25, 2008

Experience Play=Learning with FREE* KMI to Kindergarten Classrooms in DuPage

Attention, Teachers and Parents! For the third year, DCM is excited to offer Kindergarten Math Initiative (KMI), a FULLY FUNDED Learning Lab field trip for Kindergarten classrooms throughout DuPage County. *Every DuPage County public school kindergarten is eligible; does not include transportation costs.

DCM began offering the KMI Learning Lab with knowledge that there were many schools with the ability to enroll their students in our Learning Labs, and many without that ability. It was DCM's goal that by offering KMI, it would “level the playground” by expanding the Museum's school programs and focusing on the essential “gateway skills” year of kindergarten.

KMI supports the essential math skills needed by every kindergartner through a choice of two Learning Labs - Patterns, Strategies and Number Sense OR Geospace.

Patterns, Strategies and Number Sense

In this lab, explore sorting, counting, patterning and geometry. Children will use and apply math language as they gain understanding and insight using common objects. Analytical thinking, problem solving skills and spatial sense emerge during this hands-on, interactive experience.
(Requires a 1.5-2 hour visit)


Transform two-dimensional paper shapes into three-dimensional geometric solids! Students construct their own "geo-worlds" with cylinders, cubes, spheres and cones. Through physical manipulation of shapes and solids, students internalize basic geometric principles. (Requires a 2.5-3 hour visit)

In addition to the Learning Lab, teachers and students will be able to explore DCM's Exhibit Neighborhoods, including Math Connections.

By scheduling a Kindergarten Math Initiative Learning Lab field trip, classrooms also receive:

-Pre- and post-visit teacher materials that demonstrate lab's alignment to Illinois Learning Goals and NCTM focal points and provide suggestions on how to extend learning based on the experience.

-Take-home materials for parents (describing what children learned in the lab and ideas for learning at home)

-A FREE Museum admission coupon is included for all participating kindergartners to build upon their learning experience with another Museum visit.

Parents: Please encourage your child's kindergarten teacher to call and schedule their KMI Learning Lab today!

Educators: Book now to schedule a KMI Learning Lab that will best fit your schedule!

To schedule a KMI Learning Lab, please contact the DCM Education Bookings Coordinator at: (630) 637-8000 ext. 6150

Did You Know?
In addition to KMI, DuPage Children's Museum offers multiple other ways for schools to nurture children's understanding of science, math and art concepts through open-ended exploration - while meeting state and national standards.

Thanks to Our Funders
In the first of the three-year Initiative, Comcast and West Chicago Charter One Bank funded field trips for well over 4,000 kindergarten students. Comcast also awarded the Presidential Award for the first time outside of Chicago, providing funding over a three-year period (through the 2008-2009 school year) to allow KMI to extend to all DuPage County public schools.
For more information on school programs, such as Learning Labs, Field Trips and Exhibits-To-Go, please call DCM at: (630)637-8000.

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