Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Do You Know About Air?

During the research for the Museum's AirWorks neighborhood adults and children were interviewed with the statement, tell us what you know about air. Both children and adults talked about feeling air on themselves such as the force of the air when they placed their hands outside of a moving car. Most of us, in fact, understand that air is all around us, that air blows objects around and that we can feel air when it moves.

You don't need to understand air in order to experiment with it. Read more about exploring the science of air by checking out a previous post here . To read more about what adults and children say about air, read a previous post here. You can find tips for playing in our AirWorks neighborhood here.

This past week, preschool children in our Up in the Air Summer Camp explored air both in the camp and in the Museum exhibits. Enjoy this week's montage of pictures! The hot air balloons at the end of the slide show are pictures taken by one of the teachers a few years ago. Her images were displayed on the wall during one of our "Up in the Air" explorations.

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