Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homes for our feathered friends

It has been a wonderful summer filled with learning and fun in the DuPage Children’s Museum Preschool Summer Camp. “Let’s Build” was the theme of this, our last, week.

The children were surprised and delighted as they discovered many different types and sizes of houses reading Ann Morris’ and Ken Heyman’s book titled Houses and Homes. The book shows houses that are made out of mud and straw. The children thought about whether those houses would have electricity like our houses? The children also read Wow! City by Robert Newbecker and built their own city with construction paper houses on a city block. There were many opportunities for scientific, mathematical and social-emotional learning as they explored the similarities and differences in houses for people and animals in our world.

For our blog this week we are sharing photographs of the project our preschoolers worked on all week… wren houses. These houses were built little by little over the course of the week. They are absolutely beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?

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