Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Instructions not included

Have you ever noticed that many adults want to see the instructions to make something work? Kids are more likely to jump right in and see what happens. And that’s exactly what DuPage Children’s Museum is here for – to support children’s growing creativity skills and their confidence in trying things out. The next time you are at the Museum and not sure what you are “supposed to be doing” with the exhibit, just watch your child take the lead and follow along. We are confident you will both learn something along the way!

DCM is designed to help children play with a process to expand their understanding or express themselves -- with assistance from the exhibits, from you, and from our staff. We want them to feel confident enough with the exhibits to ask “What else can I do with this?”

For example, this wonderful work was produced by a 3rd grade girl working in the area of our loom exhibit. She created a large weaving made from the black and red strips used to weave on the large loom on the second floor of the museum, but it was on the floor! With no rules or specific instructions, she set her own creative goal and achieved it. What if there had been instructions? Would she have felt safe enough to use these materials in such a different way?

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