Friday, January 11, 2013

Exploring the Science of Air

Air is all around us! You can't see air, but you can observe what air can do. You don't need to understand air in order to experiment with its properties. Wind and air can be powerful enough to evoke positive or negative feelings. How does it feel to have air blowing your hair? Wind in our faces evokes one type of feeling on a warm summer day compared to a cold wintry day.

Children can learn a lot about air through play and experimentation! As a natural part of our environment, air can be explored and become part of a science inquiry process for young children.  At DuPage Children's Museum (DCM), nurturing this process of inquiry is about encouraging a child’s curiosity through interactions with objects and the environment.

DCM has an entire exhibit devoted to exploring air. The research to develop AirWorks, one of our most popular exhibits, was funded by the National Science Foundation.  In the same way all of DCM’s exhibits are utilized, staff and developers observe how children experiment with AirWork’s basic concepts so that the exhibit can be fine-tuned to invite curiosity as visitors construct knowledge about what air can do! 

Come by DCM and visit AirWorks today!

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