Friday, February 15, 2013

The Latest in Learning at DuPage Children's Museum

Have you visited our Multi-Sensory Room in the Creativity Connections Neighborhood? We have added some exciting new features with sensory learning and exploration in mind!

Children explore using all of their senses. Sure, as they get older they usually don’t mouth toys and the sucking reflex wanes; however, they are still alert to experiences that allow them to explore and learn using their senses.  Noises—musical or even the closing sound of a door, brilliant or attractive colors and patterns and rough or unusual surfaces are examples of what we might hear, see or touch.  Experiences that encourage children to explore in this way can evoke a connection to an object and its function in the world.

Lights swirl in DCM's Multi-Sensory Room
DCM’s Multi-Sensory Room includes a new LED light display.  As you move your hand around the display, light trails your movements with a streaming display. Sound, movement and color interact as you dance along colorfully lit circles.  Listen for the musical notes powered by sensors that track movement under the lights!

Interactivity covers this room and is sure to excite the senses of the young as well as parents and caregivers. Come by and explore the new and existing features that are sure to engage you in a rich opportunity of sensory exploration!

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