Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer in Review: Preschool Summer Camp!

Part Two.
This summer Preschool Summer Camp turned its focus to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) with an emphasis on the arts and literacy.  The fun of summer camp was accompanied by a joyful learning experience! Here we celebrate a bit of summer with a look back at Preschool Summer Camp 2013!

Hands-On Science

Sound, texture, light, and more! Children used the scientific method to discover how the senses help them to explore the world around them.

Exploring water flow

Engineering Explorer
Problem-solving and creativity came into play through the engineering design process for young learners: Ask--> Imagine--> Plan--> Create--> Improve

Bridge construction during Museum exploration

Math, Science, ART!
Concepts in Math, Science, and Art all came together in a camp that engaged our youngest campers!

 Painting with ice pairs

PreK Chemistry
What happens when gummy bears are soaked in distilled water? How does wax coating inhibit color mixing? What is surface tension? These are just some of the questions asked by our young chemists!
                 Collecting data during a gummy bear diffusion experiment

Although summer camps are complete, there are still many opportunities for learning adventure at DCM! Sign up for our Fall and Winter Creativity Classes today!


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