Friday, August 30, 2013

What's New? Dots in Creativity Connections!

We have added an interactive art experience to our Creativity Connections Neighborhood! In regard to this exhibit, Marcia MacRae, DCM’s very own Public Program Manager and Content Integration Specialist, tells our visitors—

We want to show artwork by children—how our exhibits inspire them, help them make connections. The Dot Wall is an example. Children can look at examples of how different artists created artwork with dots. Some base their work by putting different colors together, such as in Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Our eyes and brains blend colors together, giving the painting more depth and richer colors. Other artists, like Roy Lichtenstein, used dots to fill flat planes of space, adding pop to their paintings.

Children are encouraged to actively engage with Seurat’s work of art by looking at the detail through a large, mounted yet movable magnifying glass. In that detail they will find several dots of different colors —what art professionals call pointillism

Children can also be encouraged to observe additional works of art in this area and many locations throughout the Museum. You might ask, “What is happening in this piece? Let’s take a closer look!” In addition, snap-on buttons at the Dot Wall allow children to create their own work—right on the wall!  Finally, you don’t want to miss the original artwork of our guests that is part of this exhibit.

Look for more frames of children’s art that will appear throughout our exhibits. Someday your work may hang at DCM!

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