Friday, September 6, 2013

Closed for Cleaning & Repair

It is that time of year again…DuPage Children’s Museum is closed for annual maintenance and repair.  This is no small task!  We are doing more than checking our seat cushions for coins!  

We drag almost every exhibit from its comfortable space and embark on a deep cleaning of the ENTIRE Museum! All of the mats in WaterWays are removed, sprayed down, and cleaned.  Each block in Math Connections is scrubbed. Walls are painted, the smallest spaces are dusted and sanitized, the books are even wiped down—one by one.

And EVERYONE is included! Play facilitators; visitor services, maintenance, and IT staff, administrators; office staff; and volunteers alike: all join in on the endeavor.  This kind of work definitely takes a group effort! Enjoy some of our snapshots from a week of cleaning and…yes, FUN!

All smiles while cleaning light fixtures.  Thank you DuKane!

Time for some much needed updating. Thank you Jay!

Piles upon piles--all sanitized for your enjoyment!

Fuchsia, day glow orange, green?  Thank you volunteers!

Wiping down books.  Thank you staff!

Looking forward to BIG, new interactive exhibits in November. Thanks Exhibits team!
We are sure to pass any white glove test! Join us when we re-open on September 11, 2013! Our S.M.A.R.T.Café re-opens September 16, 2013!

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