Friday, October 4, 2013

Making the Most of Your Visit: Creatvity Connections

Seize your chance to make the most of DCM's Creativity Connections Neighborhood.  In November, Monumental, an exhibit that focuses on architecture in our world, is moving into this space. In the meantime, how can you make the most of your visit to our Creativity Connections Neighborhood? Enjoy all things light, color, and shadow in exhibits that engage the senses through textures, sights, and sounds!

In our multisensory room you will find a beautiful mosaic that engages the eye and your hands! Observe by looking, touching, and exploring how the colors pop out of the carefully placed pieces of rescued ceramic.

In the Creativity Connections Young Explorers area, our youngest visitors can explore bumpy, smooth, rough, and reflective fabrics.  Using adjectives that describe what the children are feeling as they run their hands over these surfaces can help to increase their vocabulary.  Young ones can become especially engaged when they are able to feel as they explore—the use of describing words can add an extra benefit to the experience!

Shadows are science! Shadows are blocked light. Use our shadow and Building a Town exhibits to introduce conversations about day and night!

Take a peek at the Dot Wall and observe how small dots can become BIG, magnificent works of art.

DCM’s Room for Rhythm offers many opportunities to explore sounds and patterns. Using the mallets and flap boards to tap the metal drums ask, “What happens when you strike the drum?” Suggest that the child tap gently; then help the child use comparative language to describe the difference in sounds.  This encourages exploration in the science of sound as well as good old cause and effect!

Visit Creativity Connections soon—Monumental is set to be installed by mid-November. Look for more on making the most of your visit in coming weeks!

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