Friday, October 18, 2013

Science, Fun, and Edible Finger Paint

What happens when your grasp is not quite tight enough to grip and hold a paint brush? What if you are eager to explore color with your hands and fingers?  How about when coordination and dexterity are not quite developed so you tap your hands to explore textures and surfaces?  Finger painting is the answer!

Making finger paint can be a fun way to engage children in a science experiment and show that not everything needs to be bought at the store. You may even have the ingredients for finger paint readily available in your kitchen. Try this recipe to create a fun, engaging, and useful product right at home!

Finger painting at home with edible paint
2 c. Corn Starch
1 c. Cold Water
4.5 c. Boiling Water
Food coloring

Children can mix the cornstarch and cold water. For safety, an adult adds the boiling water and stirs the mixture until it becomes the texture of custard. Let mixture cool and separate into small jars. Add food coloring, dip your hands in, and create your own masterpiece!

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