Friday, November 28, 2014

Make it Move Young Explorers at DuPage Children's Museum

How does a ball roll? Is there a reaction when I stomp on the floor? What is that blowing my hair? This week we continue our exhibit focus by turning our attention to Make it Move Young Explorers. In this exhibit space young ones can focus on exploring how things move as well as the effects of forces like their own body weight and the fluidity of air! Take a look at some of the experiences offered.

Make it Move Young Explorers is located just behind the Moser Construction House on the main level of the Museum. This area hosts exhibits that engage younger guests in many different levels of movement and activity. 

Walkers can jump on tiles and watch colors move beneath them--this helps young learners begin to recognize the effect of their own body weight. Jumping on the tiles gives a more dramatic effect. This "splash" is illustrated by a rapid movement of the color beneath their feet that comes with the force of their jump!

Crawlers and walkers alike can feel the effects of moving air from pvc piping that blows from the floor beneath them. It is engaging and enjoyable to feel the air moving around the body and blowing through the hair or in the face! Cover the hole and explore by feeling the pressure of the air!

Colorful balls fill a small ball pit too! Our youngest guests usually sit among the balls and feel the tactile sensations of being among spheres that pop up and around them as they move about! They also enjoy developing the motor skills that come along with throwing and kicking these safe, lightweight, hollow balls.

Look for more on DCM's Young Explorers Neighborhoods next week! We will find out more about Math Young Explorers. Where did it go when XOXO moved in?

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