Friday, December 5, 2014

Math Young Explorers at DuPage Children's Museum

As many of you know, XOXO: An Exhibit about Love and Forgiveness moved into the upper level of DuPage Children's Museum (DCM) in October. When traveling exhibits visit, we rearrange and adjust space to fit the needs of the exhibit components. Since XOXO offered so much, we moved several exhibits to storage and some to other areas of the Museum. Some of our Math Young Explorers exhibits moved into the Family Resource Center (FRC), a small room in the back corner of the upper level. Here we share information about the math exhibits now located in the FRC.

The Peekaboo Bridge offers gross motor skill development coupled with the fun of a childhood favorite, peek-a-boo. Our young explorers love the element of surprise that comes along with a game of peek-a-boo! Children explore geometric shapes and color as they crawl, toddle, or run across the bridge. If we can get them to stop along the way, we have the opportunity to draw attention to the identification of shapes or the way color can change the look or perspective of what we see! 

Large and smaller Lego™ pieces also draw children to make math connections. Watch spatial development skills in action with shape building/stacking pieces and Legos™. Spatial activities encourage children to distinguish a characteristic of a single object while determining the relationship between two objects at the same time. As they build, children have to consistently determine the size and shape of one object relative to another, how those objects will fit together, and if it meets the goal of what they are attempting to accomplish. Building with Legos™, and bigger Lego™-like blocks for younger ones, is spatial reasoning at work! 

In addition to math skill building, the FRC is home to several special activities including a story time with Ben Webber every Friday, Music My Way with Nancy Culp each third Thursday of the month--the Naperville Public Library also visits on select Wednesdays to host a program. During your next visit see what is happening in the FRC!

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