Friday, December 19, 2014

Inside Fun for Everyone!

Are cold temperatures keeping you inside? Have you run out of ideas to help keep the children active? If you are looking for ways to keep the young ones engaged in hands-on, interactive, playful learning at home, try these easy and fun-for-the-whole-family activities!

Hallway Bowling 
A hardwood hallway can make a great lane for bowling! No hardwood hallway? No worries! Any floor surface, some empty plastic bottles and ball--even a roll of socks will work.Ten pins are standard, yet six will do. 

Play with math skills! Count the pins; subtract them as they fall; add them as you reset. You can even keep score and challenge young ones to consider how many different ways they can add to ten.

Indoor Obstacle Course
This one may be over the top for some parents, yet there are so many opportunities for gross motor development, agility, and movement right in your home. If you are a parent that allows climbing on furniture, jumping from a footstool, or climbing under the table, the indoor obstacle course can be a blast! 

This activity offers math fun too! Get out the stop watch and estimate. How long will it take Mom to get through the course? How about Dad? 

Get creative with your obstacle course design. Add a limbo section and a spot for jumping jacks. What about a reading nook at the end?


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Building forts is an               old-fashioned favorite that never goes out of style! Grab some clothes pins, a few blankets or sheets, and strap over the couch, table, or chairs. Engage the architect and critical thinker in your young one by drawing out your own blue prints before you begin. Designs can be intricate or simple. Everyone loves a hideaway! 

If you just can't shake cabin fever, plan a trip to the Museum! School's Out CampsCreativity Studio drop-ins, and our guests Anderson's Insect Zoo promise fun and learning for all ages.

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